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Tävlingsgrenar som baseras på en av Sveriges största idrottsaktiviteter – styrketräning!

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Junior/Veteran-VM 2012

Junior och Veteran-VM Bodybuilding, Bodyfitness, Classic Bodybuilding, Bikini, Fitness samt rullstolsklass Bodybuilding avhålls 14-17 december i Ungern.

Det svenska landslaget som åker till Ungerns huvudstad Budapest är:

Bodybuilding Junior -75 kg: Behnam Namdari, startnummer 117 – 11:e plats

Bodybuilding Masters -65 år: Leif Renling, startnummer 66 – 10:e plats

Bodybuilding Masters +65 år: Nico Lundholm, startnummer 83 – 7:e plats 

Bodyfitness Masters +45 år: Maria Eriksson, startnummer 224 – 12:e plats, Carina Isaksson, startnummer 223 - GULD! 

Classic Bodybuilding Masters -50 år: Björn Albinsson, startnummer 6 – 4:e plats 

Classic Bodybuilding Masters +50 år: Peter Rudling, startnummer 21 – SILVER!

The new IFBB aproved category, Men’s athletic physique, will have it’s first official event in october, at Arnold Classic in Madrid, and the first World junior championship (up to 23 years of age), at december 14/17th in Budapest.

Uppdatering 15 september: Efter invägningen:

Official list of the competitors.

The registration and weigh-in of the nearly 350 competitors ended close to the midnight and… still few athletes were missing since the snow falls paralyzed a couple of airports in South Europe and they were awaiting their flights at the airports. The next time Iranian athletes had problems to obtain visas and only their President Omid Amiri came to Budapest, without his athletes. 

The weigh-in showed us a full spectrum of our bodybuilding world, from 14 years old children fitness star Vanessa Lisziova (who was not allowed to compete, as 16 years is the limit for women’s championships) up to over 65 masters, maybe even more happy from competing than the younger athletes. We saw beautiful, fresh junior fitness, bodyfitness and bikini fitness girls, as well as matured but not less attractive masters bodyfitness women. All of them show the beauty of the human body, if properly trained and dieting. 

Awaiting for the beginning of semifinals, look at a couple of pictures from the weigh-in:

Upppdatering 14 december: Det preliminära schemat är klart:

Finally, we can provide you with the general schedule of activity, what is an important information for competitors, judges, officials, media and fans. Also the detailed program, round by round, is ready but we need to wait for the weigh-in to see if further changes will be necessary. 


Master Men Classic Bodybuilding 40-49, open (Björn Albinsson)
Master Men Classic Bodybuilding over 50 years, open (Peter Rudling)
Master Men Bodybuilding 50-59 years, 80 kg 
Master Men Bodybuilding 50-59 years, over 80 kg
Master Men Bodybuilding 60-65 years, open (Leif Renling)
Master Men Bodybuilding Over 65 years, open (Nico Lundholm)
Master Men Classic Bodybuilding Overall


Junior Men Classic Bodybuilding, open 
Junior Men Bodybuilding up to 75 kg (Behnam Namdari)
Junior Men Bodybuilding over 75 kg 
Junior Men Bodybuilding Overall

Junior Women Bikini Fitness, open 
Junior Women Bodybuilding, open
Master Women Bodybuilding, open
Junior Women Bodyfitness up to 163 cm 
Junior Women Bodyfitness over 163 cm 
Junior Women Bodyfitness Overall

Junior Women Fitness 163 cm - semifinals
Junior Women Fitness over 163 cm – semifinals
Junior Men Fitness, open – semifinals

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16TH, 2012, 10:00 AM

Junior Women Fitness 163 cm - finals
Junior Women Fitness over 163 cm – finals
Junior Men Fitness, open – finals
Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Open (all rounds)
Master Women Bodyfitness 35-44 years 
Master Women Bodyfitness Over 45 Years (Maria Eriksson & Carina Isaksson)
Junior Women Fitness Overall
Master Women Bodyfitness Overall

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16TH, 2012, 15:00

Junior Men Athletic Physique, open
Master Men Bodybuilding 40-49, up to 70 kg 
Master Men Bodybuilding 40-49, up to 80 kg 
Master Men Bodybuilding 40-49, up to 90 kg 
Master Men Bodybuilding 40-49, over 90 kg 
Junior Men Athletic Physique, open 
Best Teams Award
Master Men Bodybuilding Overall

Uppdatering 11 december: Rekordmånga deltagare på J/V-VM!

I summarized the Final Entry Forms sent by National Federations and I couldn’t believe my eyes: 350 competitors! Exactly. Compared to 228 athletes last year and 207 in 2010 it is an amazing progress. From 50 countries! And what is especially good news: the number of juniors jumped to 142! Only one time in the IFBB history the number of juniors exceeded 100 (101 in 2007).

Junior Men’s Bodybuilding up to 75 kg:
1. Karim Abdel Monem Egypt
2. Mohamed Abdel Azim Egypt (B)
3. Ismail Khaled Masoud Egypt (B)
4. Yousry Abdalla Egypt (B)
5. Ádám Vas Hungary
6. Zsolt Takács Hungary
7. Daniel Sticco Italy
8. Rafal Ilnicki Poland
9. Andrei Ivan Romania
10. Norbert Zajac Slovakia
11. Maluleke Bhekumzi South Africa
12. Benharn Namdari Sweden
13. Ufuk Demirpence Turkey
14. Oleksandr Kostenko Ukraine 

2010 world champion Ismail Khaled Masoud and a 2010 world classic bodybuilding champion Karim Abdel Magid. Who can challenge them? Maybe some new, very gifted young bodybuilder. We will see. 

Master Women’s Bodyfitness over 45 years old open class:
1. Maria Hermans Belgium
2. Yordanka Bahchevanova Bulgaria
3. Zdena Gottvaldova Czech Republic
4. Esta Pilt Estonia
5. Merike Sula Estonia
6. Brigitte Subrin France
7. Kristin Kristjánsdóttir Iceland
8. Linda Jónsdóttir Iceland
9. Giuditta Magazzino Italy
10. Nina Mukhortova Russia
11. Maria Eriksson Sweden
12. Carina Isaksson Sweden
13. Kamer Piersens Turkey 

The first European champion in this new category: Kristin Kristjánsdóttir and the next two medal winners: Linda Jónsdóttir and Giuditta Magazzino as well as 2012 Arnold Europe winner Brigitte Subrin, 2008 Worlds runner-up Carina Isaksson and 2012 European Athletic Fitness runner-up Esta Pilt. Other well-known finalists: Zdena Gottvaldova and Nina Mukhortova.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 60-65 years old, open class:
1. Jacques Secke Belgium
2. Miroslav Mraz Czech Republic
3. Milan Bodlak Czech Republic
4. Bernhard Klemm Germany
5. Luciano Andreose Italy
6. Toyoharu Takagishi Japan
7. Tiburcio Arias Mexico
8. Jan Olejko Poland
9. Vasile Serban Romania
10. Cristian Mihailescu Romania (B)
11. Alexander Yashankin Russia
12. Leif Renling Sweden
13. Baki Koseahmetoglu Turkey

Master bodybuilding legend and three-time world champion Alexander Yashankin. Then former top European bodybuilder Cristian Mihailescu, 2012 European champion Milan Bodlak and runner-up Baki Koseahmetoglu. Other medal winners: Luciano Andreose and Vasile Serban. Tough battle can be expected.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding over 65 years old, open class:
1. Vladimir Dostal Czech Republic
2. Jiri Rohan Czech Republic
3. Bohumil Divilek Czech Republic (B)
4. Esmat Sadek Egypt
5. Willi Neubauer Germany
6. Piotr Puchniarz Poland
7. Zbigniew Bartos Poland (B)
8. Dion Friedland South Africa
9. Manuel Valbuena Spain
10. Rafael Vera Spain
11. Nico Lundholm Sweden
12. Bernard Cooper United-Kingdom

Three world champions from different years and the top three at the 2011 Worlds: Bernard Cooper, Manuel Valbuena, Rafael Vera, plus the next 2011 world champion (but in 60-65 years old division) Esmat Sadek, who now moved to this category. Recently Bernard Cooper was unbeatable. Will he continue his victory series?

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding 40-49 years old open class:
1. Zahi Amar Algeria
2. Steven Travers Australia
3. Kurt Strohmayer Austria
4. Plamen Hristov Bulgaria
5. Wilhelm Pascal France
6. Serge Rouze France
7. Michael Aprin Germany
8. Olaf Michaelis Germany (B)
9. Sven Kellner Germany (B)
10. Imre Nagy Hungary
11. Giuseppe Brancaccio Italy
12. Eddi Badoer Italy
13. John Large Norway
14. Bogdan Nowakowski Poland
15. Artur Sliczny Poland (B)
16. Waldemar Godlewski Poland (B)
17. Niko Golser Slovenia
18. Michael Du Buisson South Africa
19. Nelson Mthembu South Africa
20. Björn Albinsson Sweden

Twenty competitors but most them are new names at the world level. Only one European champion Giuseppe Brancaccio (2011) and three medal winners: Kurt Strohmayer, Michael Aprin and Wilhelm Pascal. 

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding over 50 years old open class:
1. Alois Rettenwender Austria
2. Michal Sidik Czech Republic
3. Ladislav Sroubek Czech Republic
4. Joachim Grassel Germany (B)
5. James Cassidy Ireland
6. Atsushi Katakawa Japan
7. Ove Bekkevold Norway
8. Arnfinn Benterud Norway (B)
9. Mieczyslaw Nowacki Poland
10. Marek Dabrowski Poland (B)
11. Peter Rudling Sweden

Top two from the last year’s Worlds: Atsushi Katakawa and Michal Sidik plus top two form the latest European Championships: Joachim Grassel and James Cassidy. Maybe, coming back after almost 10-year break Mieczyslaw Nowacki will be a dark horse? 

Läs mer i den bifogade inspektionsrapporten (IFBB tillsammans med IFBB Ungern ger här information om landet, resor, boende, tidtabell etc för tävlande/funktionärer och intresserade besökare/media):

The Organizing Committee of the Hungarian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation extends a warm welcome to all IFBB National Federations to participate in the IFBB Amateur World Junior & Masters Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bodyfitness, Bikini Championships in Budapest, Hungary, December 14 – December 17, 2012.

From January 1st, 2012, there are two Master Women’s Bodyfitness age categories: from 35 to 44 age old and over 45 years old. Year of birth decides.

The phrase „Central European” is not nearly a geographical definition; it refers to the fact that the Hungarian capital, Budapest, is more than just a capital of a small country with 10.5 million inhabitants. It is also the product of a larger area, of a particular European region: Central Europe. Located in central Europe’s Carpatian basin, Hungary has been the link in the chain connecting east and west for thousands of years. 

Budapest is the „City of Festivals”; several major cultural events are held in and around the city every year. There are over 90 major museums in the region; local history collections, regional architecture and small village museums provide additional perspectives on civilization in the area. 

Budapest is visited by 40 million tourists per year.

Se även Budapest på Wikipedia, stadens hemsida budapest.com samt landets officiella turistportal visit-hungary.com.

Junior/Veteran-VM 2012
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