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2013 BMR Grand Prix

The Swedish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, SKKF, proudly invite you to the 2013 BMR Grand Prix Sweden in Bodybuilding for men, Bodyfitness, Bikini and Women’s Physique for Women, Classic Bodybuilding for men, and Athletic Fitness for men and women. The competition is open only for qualified Swedish competitors and foreign competitors reported and approved by their national federation.

Results: Here are the results from 2013 BMR Grand Prix as a PDF document.

Photos: See a few photos from the competition here.

Promemoria: All competitors should download and read the instructions for BMR Grand Prix: Word document and as PDF document.

Official home page: www.bmrgrandprix.com

Invitation: Download the invitation here as a PDF document.

Entry form: Entry form is attached here as a PDF document and must be filled in by the national federation. Deadline for entry forms is March 10th 2013. No late entry forms will be accepted!

Facebook event: Join the facebook event for BMR Grand Prix to read more, stay updated, and ask questions if you are to attend the competition, visit the expo or even compete yourself.

On Site Tanning: Fredrik Carlsson/Team reFORM will be at BMR Grand Prix assisting with on site tanning. 

The service costs SEK 1000 or 100 euro. This includes everything needed to get the best possible color and oil. Simply follow these steps for the best color, the rest we will fix for you.

Read more about the spray tan service and the instructions in this PDF document in English, or at reFORM-online.se in Swedish.

List of competitors: The list of registered competitors can be found here.

Arena: Stadionmässan, Stadiongatan 25, Malmö. How to get there? See www.stadionmassan.se.

Date and time of the event: Saturday April 6th 2013. Prejudging 8 AM (08:00 local time). Finals 3 PM (15:00 local time).

Schedule: The schedule for BMR Grand Prix on April 6th can be found here.

Tickets: The tickets for BMR Grand Prix are sold out since late March.

Overview: Click here for a zoomable PDF document.


  • New: Bikini Fitness open class. Price money only if there will be at least 6 competitors.
  • Bodybuilding -80 kg, -90 kg, -100 kg, and +100 kg. Top-3 from each weight class competes in the Overall class.
  • Bodyfitness -163 cm, and +163 cm. Top-3 from each height class competes in the Overall class.
  • Classic Bodybuilding Men open class. Price money only if there will be at least 6 competitors.
  • Women’s Physique open class. Price money only if there will be at least 6 competitors.
  • Athletic Fitness Men open class. Price money only if there will be at least 6 competitors.
  • Athletic Fitness Women open class. Price money only if there will be at least 6 competitors.

Entry fee: 50 € for each competitor to be paid at the registration.

Prize money: Total prize purse for BMR Grand Prix 8750 €, divided as follows:

BB men GP Overall:

  • 1st 2000 euro
  • 2nd 1500 euro
  • 3d 1000 euro

Bikini Women GP Overall, BF women GP Overall, CBB men GP Overall, WP women GP Overall, AF men GP Overall, and AF women GP Overall respectively:

  • 1st 500 euro
  • 2nd 250 euro
  • 3d 100 euro

Rules: The BMR GP is arranged according to the rules set by the IFBB, EBFF and SKKF.

Registration: Friday April 5th 2013. Stadionmässan, Stadiongatan 25, Malmö. 7.00 PM.

At the registration/weigh in you must pay your entry fee and present your posing music (BB, CBB and WP). You must do the weigh in in your posing suit. Competitors in BF may show their attire at the registration but are still responsible for showing up for competition in suits and attire according to the IFBB rules.

You will receive your starting number backstage Saturday morning. At the registration you will receive badges for competitors and coaches (one coach for each competitor).

Competition memo: A detailed memo will be sent to each federation for further distribution to the athletes about one week before the GP.

Hotels: For best choice of accommodation in Malmö, Sweden:

  • Ibis Hotel, Stadiongatan 21, 217 62 Malmö. Phone: +46 40 6728570. Fax: +46 40 6728575. info@ibis-malmo.com
  • Elite Plaza Hotel, Gustav Adolfs Torg 49, 211 39 Malmö. Phone: +46 40 66 44 870. Fax: +46 40 66 44 875. info.plazamalmo@elite.se
  • BEST WESTERN PLUS Hotel Noble House, Per Weijersgatan 6, 211 34 Malmö. Phone: +46 40 6643000. Fax: +46 40 6643050. info@hotelnoblehouse.se


  • From Kastrup Airport there are train and shufflebuses to Malmö every 20 min for approximately €11.
  • From Malmö Airport there are shufflebuses every 20 min for approximately €10.

Questions: If you have other questions about the competition:

  • Contact BMR on binais@bmr.me or facebook.com/binais. Phone: 001-714-900-1910
  • Contact Swedish Bodybuilding and Fitness federation: ulf.bjornfot@skkf.org, +46 70 6980200, or fredrik.eriksson@skkf.org, +46 70 3409517.

Sponsors: Swedish Fitness (GASP, Better Bodies), BMR Sports Nutrition, BODY Magazine


Poster: Click here for printable PDF.